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Are you concerned about "global warming" and "rising energy costs"?

Climate Change and Energy Crisis are becoming the number one hot topic around the globe. Our mission is to create awareness to protect the future of our planet and the coming generations by helping reduce your energy consumption and costs. The permanent solution to this man-made problem in today's materialistic world is by bringing a culture of conservation, loving the nature around us and practicing values in our daily lives.

Burning of fossil fuel for producing electricity is still the highest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions. Through this site we aim to give you the information required for you to make a decision whether saving energy is right for you!

Taking small actions in our daily lives at home with the family, work place and community will make all the difference in the greenhouse gases that blanket the earth and cause climate change. There is lots of media coverage, loud talks and discussions at various levels but there are very few professional companies who have taken an integrated approach and can be a "one-stop-shop" to help conserve energy by tapping a wide range of opportunities with the application of innovative technologies and practical methods.

The energy saving solutions and measures of each industrial or commercial property have to be tailor made after conducting a detailed analysis and energy audit. The savings can range from 15 to 40% and have to be projected through saving calculations, financial analysis and technology solutions. This follows the retrofit project, monitoring/tracking of savings and creating an awareness program to involve people.

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